Airport Cluster Finland - promoting Finnish airport related knowhow

Airport Cluster Finland is an association formed by group of Finnish companies operating in the airport business. We aim to promote the growth and development of Finnish companies in the airport industry and build networking opportunities between different parties in the industry.

Today we represent the expertise of around 30 companies (see member companies here) related to development of airports and airport regions. Our member companies provide technologies, service solutions and R&D knowhow to airports as the end customers.

Our objectives:

  • To promote Finnish airport industry related knowhow internationally
  • To execute clustering activities and build business development possibilities for our member companies
  • To enhance and support the growth and internationalization of our member companies
Our activities:
  • We connect you with Finnish airport knowhow and arrange meetings with our member companies & Finavia, the Finnish Airport operator
  • We can direct the information on your airports tenders or specific request to our member companies
  • We initiate international business contacts by participating in specialized exhibitions and seminars
  • We follow the industry development trends, and gather and distribute information about international airport projects to our member companies
  • We implement development projects to enhance the exploitation of new technologies, new services and the creation of new business opportunities (read more)
Airport Cluster Finland started its operations in Helsinki-Vantaa in December 2009 as an initiative by Vantaa Innovation Institute Ltd. Part of its knowlwedge based cluster programs. As a result of four year project Airport Cluster was formed to an independent association at the end of year 2013. Vantaa Innovation continues to provide its support to an association with higher membership fee and providing office facilities.

We welcome all the parties in the industry to communicate and share new innovative ideas together with Airport Cluster Finland to improve quality and functionality of airports worldwide!

Want to join Airport Cluster Finland? Contact us for more information!