ACF - Airport Cluster Finland - promoting Finnish airport related knowhow

Airport Cluster Finland is an association formed by group of Finnish companies operating in the airport business. We aim to promote the growth and development of Finnish companies in the airport industry and build networking opportunities between different parties in the industry.

Today we represent the expertise of around 20 companies related to development of airports and airport regions. Our member companies provide technologies, service solutions and R&D knowhow to airports as the end customers.

Our objectives:

  • To promote Finnish airport industry related knowhow internationally
  • To execute clustering activities and build business development possibilities for our member companies
  • To enhance and support the growth and internationalization of our member companies

Our activities:

  • We connect you with Finnish airport knowhow and arrange meetings with our member companies
  • We can direct the information on your airports tenders or specific request to our member companies
  • We initiate international business contacts by participating in specialized exhibitions and seminars
  • We follow the industry development trends, and gather and distribute information about international airport projects to our member companies
  • We implement development projects to enhance the exploitation of new technologies, new services and the creation of new business opportunities

Airport Cluster Finland started its operations in Helsinki-Vantaa in December 2009 as an initiative by Vantaa Innovation Institute Ltd. Part of its knowledge based cluster programs. As a result of four year project Airport Cluster was formed to an independent association at the end of year 2013.

We welcome all the parties in the industry to communicate and share new innovative ideas together with Airport Cluster Finland to improve quality and functionality of airports worldwide!

Juha Fieandt
Executive Director

Airport Cluster Finland ry
Tel. +358 40 593 33 35

Airport Cluster Finland Member companies

Ahkera Smart Tech

Innovative technology to improve ground handling processes

AhkeraSmart Tech – Intelligent technology for improved airport efficiency. The patented Ahkera solution can decrease baggage sorting footprints by 40 %; laboruse by over 50 %; and human error by 100 %.

Ahkera will help airports expand or modernize their facilities to handle increasing bag flows by growing numbers of passengers. Traditional manual baggage hall operations require a lot of facility floor space and manpower for sortation by flight and segregation.

Ahkera’s state-of-the-art technology is the first in the world to fully automatically fill ULDs (and bag carts) to the top. “Airline representatives, who have seen our solution in action, have been very happy with our fill-rate of 35 to 40 bags per AKE, how gently bags and ULDs are handled, and how Ahkera’s solution is able to handle segregations”

Ahkera is a modular and scalable for easy installation and better use of existing investments. Direct European manpower cost levels will bring investments pay back in just a few years.

The Ahkera baggage handling solution won its category in the 2015 KLM/Schiphol baggage automation innovation challenge.

This patented Finnish innovation is based on intelligent real time robotics control by Ahkera’s proprietary software and machine vision. A full-scale proof-of-value pilot was tested at Helsinki Airport.


Aircraft hangar doors

Champion Door’s fabric hoist-up doors make very competitive solutions for aircraft hangar installations, warehouses, transport depots and, and for dividing large spaces. Champion Door solutions with elevating support posts are ideal for extra wide and extra high doorways up to A380 aircrafts. Champion Door makes sure that its products can endure heavy-duty industrial wear from extremely cold Arctic areas to scorching hot climates with low maintenance costs. The doors are designed to withstand fluctuations in moisture levels and temperature, are resistant to dirt and dust, chemicals used for de-icing aircraft and withstand violent winds.

Champion Doors has the advantage that they are lightweight but durable. They do not need extra heavy support structures such as many other hoist-up fabric hangar doors on the market. Doors are made with standardized components and always tailored to the customer’s needs. All products carry the CE mark and conform to current standards.

Champion Door has clients all around the world, branch offices located in Paris and Dubai.

Visit Champion Door web-pages:
Contact: info(at)


Airfield lighting components

Efla Oy is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality AGL transformers, connectors and cable assemblies for airfield lighting markets. We have been in the market since 1980's with Ensto Branded products and serving now globally the airfield lighting industry. Efla transformers and connectors are in use on numerous international airports around the world.

Fibar-Group / Barrisol

Stretch ceiling-/wall interior decoration also in 3D-designs in all RAL-colors for airport terminal solutions.

Extra light but very durable, elastic material supported by own patents and certified & approved for airports, on board ships, hospitals, etc due to its multi-safe properties providing specific security features against fire, gas-, vapor- and water-leaks, earthquake damages. It intensifies security by allowing more intense security monitoring via Barrisol-material, works as chock-wave damper in case of an eventual explosion. It offers the bacteria-growth free surfaces that may be disinfected, too. Barrisol-“Bright Day-Light Rooms” will increase the alertness of security, and 3-shift-staff as well as those working in flight control tower and the flying staff! 100% recyclable, long-life product.

Available in 110 countries with the experience of over 40.000.000m2 already installed by the certified staff!


In Cinia we create intelligent connectivity solutions that make the world smaller and your business smarter.

Data is growing exponentially – telecoms volumes tripling by 2017, global cloud services up 40% year on year, 3 billion Internet users online any day now.

At Cinia, we are better placed than any other organisation to help you meet the challenges this data explosion presents.

Cinia solutions provide a broad range of intelligent connectivity and transmission services, focusing particularly on providing tailored and customized network connectivity and ICT solutions for our customer’s critical business environments. Today we’re a leader in our segment in Finland; tomorrow our capabilities will be available across Europe - and beyond. You’ll find much more information about our services, our clients and our unique commitment to genuine partnership elsewhere on this website – and of course we are always here to talk about your operational requirements in detail as soon as you’re ready.


With data growing exponentially, the challenge for business today is to handle ballooning traffic levels over secure, reliable connections – in a sector where absolute service continuity is non-negotiable.

Cinia offers you mobile-centric solutions you can trust, specifically our proven ability to streamline complexity, manage critical business processes and create rich, integrated user experiences.

Drawing on our expertise in dealing with critical business data and our access to the latest technology, our intelligent connectivity solutions are fully customised to your needs. Freeing you to focus on your core business.

Equally important, we bring insight, agility, passion and responsive partnership to every project: we listen, we learn, and we earn your confidence and trust.

Whether you require a single service or a solution for an entire operational system, we have it covered – from system design through to delivery and maintenance. And our Network Operating Center operates around the clock to keep your business running smoothly.


There are nearly 10.000 companies operating in the City of Vantaa.


Finavia provides services that facilitate smooth air traffic and international connections to and from Finland.
We maintain and develop a network of 24 Finnish airports and the air navigation system which covers the entire country. Uncompromised safety and customer orientation are the core of our operations. We aim for efficient operations that also help save costs. The cost savings benefit airlines but also result in cheaper ticket prices welcomed by travellers.

We work according to the principle of minimum environmental load. Our responsible everyday operations are crystallised in our service promise "For Smooth Travelling".


GrayMatter Software Services

Every rapidly growing Airport globally has the challenge of making sense of large amounts of data across various functions.

Keeping this in mind following are some of the key challenges:

  • Manual methods with their inherent defects are employed in Excel formats to collate information across key functions like Operations, Commercial and Finance.
  • Integrating data across multiple Airport locations.
  • Cost involved to achieve/or deliver comprehensive solution is exorbitantly high

GrayMatter’s Airport Analytics solution AA+ helps Airports to overcome these challenges.

Salient Features of AA+:

  • Role-based user-friendly Decision Support System
  • A suite of Dash Boards/Alerts/Reports and What-If analysis incorporating all relevant KPIs
  • A 360 analysis of different Airport functional areas
  • Interactive Ad-Hoc analysis reporting system
  • A BI Platform agnostic solution

Customer Benefits:

  • Helps to identify the causes and determines the extent of fluctuations in ATMs
  • Identifies the areas for augmenting non-aeronautical revenues
  • Reconciles variations in Aeronautical revenues with flight operations
  • Benchmarking with the leading Airports across the globe in their corresponding peer group
  • Enhances passenger experiences by critical analysis of ASQ parameters
  • Provides the platform for growth opportunities to concessionaries and airlines by mirroring comparative performance
  • Unique analysis of DFS activities
  • A bird’s eye view on the overall performance of the airport

And many more……

This will help in identifying gaps and establishing goals for improvements to your Airport Business.

Customer Quote:

“The GMR group strongly believes in harnessing the ‘Power of Information’ across all its businesses. By deploying Airport Analytics solution AA+, GMR Airports has taken a quantum leap in this regard. The analytic solution enables GMR’s Airport Management team to take quick, timely and informed decisions on various aspects of the airport business across all GMR Airports”

Read more:

GSE Arctic

Ground support equipment, engineering and services for aviation

GSE Arctic

  • GSE: Ground support equipment, engineering and services for civil and military aviation
  • Business solutions for aircraft ground support
  • Special military and civil systems and machines, project management, aquisition process
  • CBRNe: Special systems for military, rescue, security and safety
  • Machines: import, sales, leasing, maintenance,technical support and after sales
  • Special projects
  • Training, manuals, translations
  • Digital versions of manuals, books
    • also files, prints and hardcopies
  • Labels and signs, control panels etc.
  • Product information ja item names, part numbers

SafeGate /Idman

Idman supplies complete airfield lighting systems and a full range of airfield lighting equipment for Cat. I - III airports worldwide. Idman products operate at over 400 airports in more than 70 countries.

Idman have certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental systems for design, velopment, marketing and production of airfield lighting equipment. All Idman products are manufactured strictly according to the relevant ICAO and IEC requirements.

For almost 50 years Idman products have been known for the ease of installation and maintenance as well as for their reliability in all weather conditions throughout the world. Since 1/1/2009 Idman belongs to the Safegate Group.


Winter maintenance, De-icing

Eastman Chemical Company

Eastman is a global specialty chemical company that produces a broad range of advanced materials, additives and functional products, specialty chemicals, and fibers that are found in products people use every day. As a world leader in the diverse markets it serves, Eastman is focused on delivering innovative and technology-based solutions while maintaining its commitment to safety and sustainability.


The logistics centre cluster, network of logistics development and cooperation

LIMOWA innovatively connects experts from different fields

The logistics cluster is a nationwide network of logistics development and cooperation. LIMOWA’s mission is to promote innovative logistics centre solutions that are internationally competitive. Prime targets for development are logistics centres and models for their design, construction, development and operation.

Limowa presentation
Limowa webpages


Friction testing & measuring systems

Moventor Oy is a modern, international, strongly growing and developing manufacturing company, highly specialised to friction measurement and airport equipment business. Core business areas include developing, manufacturing, delivering and servicing Skiddometer BV 11 friction testing systems.

Moventor head office and factory are located in Pirkkala in Finland. Through deliberate product development and joint projects, the company is driving head with next-generation applications.


The product selection consists of the following major instruments approved by ICAO and FAA:

  • “Skiddometer BV 11” friction measurement unit
  • “Skiddometer Computer” calculate, record and print the data
  • “Water-On-Board” and “WMS” equipment for runway calibration, i.e. friction measuring with water depth 1mm as per standards by FAA/ICA
  • Calibration services and equipment to do annual calibration for the system
  • Instruments for a testing and simulating Skiddometer BV 11 and Computer

The company also offers after sales services, training, and consultancy.

Skiddometer is the World leading CFME-product (Continuous Friction Measurement Equipment). Skiddometer runway friction testers are today in civil and military operations with close to 400 units.


Optics for Airfield Lighting Solution

Oplatek Group Oy has 30 years of experience in Optics and Fiber Optics business. We are manufacturer of Molded Glass Optical Components and Thin Film Coatings. We are providing prisms, color filters and front glasses for luminaires in airfield lighting systems.

We provide also expertise and services in Optics to our customers:

  • Product Development
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Productization
  • Serial Production
  • Quality Contro

Our other expertise includes:

  • Drawing of Optical Fibers both SM- and MM-fibers
  • Manufacturing of Precision Mechanical Parts
  • Assembly of Optical Devices

We have 100+ demanding Customers every year who recommend us! We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and audited by Fortune 500 Customers.


Access equipment for building maintenance

Rostek Oy

Rostek Oy specialises in permanent access systems for window cleaning and building maintenance. The company has delivered more than 4000 projects and spectacular access systems between The Arctic Circle and The Tropic of Capricorn.

The keys in Rostek’s offering are innovative aluminium design, a large range of products to suit individual applications and the company’s ability to give flexible tailor-made service to demanding customers.

A Rostek Access System improves the safety and efficiency of the building maintenance work. It also enables remarkable savings and in many cases it is the only way to solve difficult access problems.

The appearance of a Rostek System is individually designed to well integrate with the Architect’s building design. This enables the solving of many difficult access problems in a cost-efficient way typically in low-rise buildings like terminals.

Rostek has an excellent track record at Airports all over the World. Many Control Towers and Airport Terminals have window cleaning equipment from Rostek, thus improving safety and aesthetics of these famous buildings in a smart way.

Go Sleep

UNI rest for you

GoSleep Oy (Short Rest Solution Ltd), founded in 2011, is a Finnish company specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative GoSleep seat. The GoSleep seats provides a comfortable and secure solution for short time rest at airports and other monitored spaces. The unique design of the GoSleep seats guarantees an excellent user experience, and the compact seat is easy to install, maintain and clean. By replacing the traditional, non-profitable chairs with the GoSleep seats, the airport operator can now earn profit with the same use of space, while also improving the service level at the airport.

FinBIN - Lehtovuori

Customer driven design for urban environments

FinBin is a product family for furnishing of public environments. The product range covers urban furnitures: litter bins, recycling bins and other street furnitures as benches, shelters etc. FinBin is a brand of company Lehtovuori Oy.

Check out the FinBin reference stories:

Kista Galleria Shopping Center, Sweden, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden, Dubai Metro, United Arab Emirates


Passenger boarding bridges, special AGL-products, and AGL-product testing

Twoy Engineering Oy, Twoy in short, is a Finnish company. We have nerly 20 years of experience in design, fabrication, service, and repair in the field of industry, airports and border control.
Our core expertise consists of
  • Customer-specific design, fabrication, and installation of electronic and automation equipment
  • Service and repair of technical equipment
  • Analysis and measurement of electrical and electronic equipment
Expertise outside the scope of our own core expertise is acquired from external providers. The choice of our associates is based strongly on their technical competence.


Aviation weather solutions

Vaisala Oyj

Vaisala is the global leader in environmental and industrial measurement. Building on over 70 years of experience, Vaisala contributes to a better quality of life by providing a comprehensive range of innovative observation and measurement products and services for meteorology, weather critical operations and controlled environments. Vaisala employs over 1300 professionals worldwide and is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

Vaisala is a leading supplier of automated weather observing systems for airports. Vaisala AviMet® aviation weather management solutions integrate weather data into all your processes enhancing safety, business predictability and performance. Vaisala AviMet® comprises of the technology platform, services, and a growing set of end-user applications ranging from ATC to de-icing applications.

ICAO compliant AWOS and RVR systems

The Vaisala AviMet® Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) is an integrated airport weather observing system for regional, national and international airports. It calculates aviation meteorological data such as pressure values (QFE, QNH), Runway Visual Range, and generates METAR, SPECI and SYNOP reports. The system can be configured to suit the requirements of the aviation site in question: ICAO categories up to CAT III are covered.

The Vaisala AviMet® Runway Visual Range System (RVR) provides fully automated runway visual range assessment and reporting for air traffic control at airports. It comprises of visibility sensors, background luminance meters and a computer that calculates the RVR values. Visibility sensors are offered in two forms: transmissometers or forward scatter meters. The RVR computer collects the visibility data from the visibility sensors, the background luminance data from the background luminance meters, and runway light setting data from a dedicated interface unit. It calculates the RVR values on the basis of this data, and distributes the RVR messages and alarms to output devices such as computer terminals, chart recorders and digital displays.
The Vaisala AviMet® AWOS and RVR Systems conform to all relevant ICAO and WMO recommendations and regulations.

Vaisala AviMet Low-Level Windshear Alert System (LLWAS)

The Vaisala AviMet® Low-Level Windshear Alert System detects low-level wind shear in runway corridors. It is ground-based, giving visual and audio alerts in numerical and/or graphical formats. At airports that are known to experience low-level horizontal windshear, the AviMet LLWAS can be fundamental to improving safety and operating efficiency.

Runway and ramp systems

The Vaisala IceCast Ice Warning and Prediction System assists runway and ramp maintenance personnel to make good maintenance decisions in bad weather. Timely and accurate winter maintenace decisions, e.g. correctly scheduled de-icing, can significantly decrease the runway winter maintenance costs and ensure that the runway can be kept operation even during harsh winter weather. IceCast integrates data from Vaisala Weather Stations, forecasts from the local forecast provider, forecasts generated by Vaisala forecast generation software and Thermal Mapping data into a single system.

The Vaisala Thunderstorm Warning System TWX300 is aimed at operations that are susceptible to injury and damage caused by lightning. The TWX300 tracks lightning and monitors the potential for lightning developing overhead, and it automatically sends lightning warnings to remote alarm displays. In the main application, lightning warning areas and electric field mills are monitored in real-time. Remote alarm displays, email notifications, and relays are triggered once a lightning warning is issued by the TWX300 workstation. TWX300 is designed for working environments that are most vulnerable to the hazards of lightning and need up-to-the second 24/7 lightning tracking, and automated lightning warnings including airports, explosives testing, mining and blasting operations, munitions depots, refineries and sporting facilities.

Vaisala Global Lightning Dataset GLD360

The Vaisala Global Lightning Dataset GLD360 provides users with access to world-wide real-time lightning information for accurate and early detection and tracking of severe weather. The data is generated by world-wide network, owned and operated by Vaisala It is the first truly global and accurate lightning coverage. The Vaisala Global Lightning Dataset GLD360 is offered as a service and thus requires no investment in hardward. There is no need to own equipment and no maintenance concerns. It can be delivered within a week which enables the user to quickly provide better service to the end-users.

The Vaisala Global Lightning Dataset GLD 360 fills in the gaps in the radar coverage. It enhances forecasting and early warning capability for thunderstorms and cyclons. It gives complete uniform global coverage. Cloud-to-ground lightning is detected instantly and data is delivered in less than two minutes. It detects lightning the moment it happens, anywhere over land and sea. The accuracy of GLS360 exceeds all other long-range systems, including satellite data. It detects about 7 out or 10 lightning flashes worldwide, with a location accuracy of 5-10 km.